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Parent Resources

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Q: How can I help my student do better in band?

A: Is your student practicing every day? Students should practice 20-30 minutes every day.  Also, when students practice, it is important that they work to make the music and exercises that we do in class become perfect.  Just because a student is playing their instrument for 20 minutes doesn't necessarily mean that the student will improve.  Students must work to achieve the musical goals set by the music and by the teacher.  Once the student can play something correctly, they must keep practicing until they can do it three times in a row correctly.  If a student is not being as successful as they would like to be, it is usually the result of either not enough practice or not practicing for perfection.  Students should be very picky with themselves in their practice. Finally, there are many resources on this website that can help students in their practice.  For elementary students, here are some more tips.


Q: Should I consider private lessons?

A: Private lessons are a good way for students who need an extra challenge to get some one-on-one teaching and be able to progress faster than they otherwise would.  It is important to find a teacher who will challenge the student, support what they are learning in band, and have a good rapport with the student.  Please email me and I would be happy to help you find the right teacher for your student.