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Interactive Rhythm Drills


Want to print the whole book? Download pdf version of entire book here


You will need to download the free Scorch Plug-in (at left) in order to view these pages correctly.  If you don't see any music on the page, you don't have Scorch.  Be sure to read the instructions on the download page--your Internet Browser Security settings will determine whether it downloads automatically.


Use these exercises to be sure you are playing the rhythms accurately. Practice on your own with a metronome (such as the online metronome).  Once you can play it correctly, practice it at different tempos, not just one tempo.  You are welcome to practice drills we have not covered in class yet.


Rhythm Drills 1:

Quarter Notes and Rests


Rhythm Drills 2:

Quarter, Eighth notes, Quarter Rests


Rhythm Drills 3:

Mixed Quarter, Half Notes, Ties, Rests


Rhythm Drills 4:

2/4, 3/4, 5/4 Time Signatures


Rhythm Drills 5:

Dotted Quarter Notes


Rhythm Drills 6:

Eighth Notes On and Off the Beat


Rhythm Drills 7:

Basic Syncopation


Rhythm Drills 8:



Rhythm Drills 9:




Rhythm Drills 10:

Cut Time


Rhythm Drills 11:

6/8 Time


Rhythm Drills 12:

Basic Sixteenth Note Patterns


Rhythm Drills 13:

The Dotted Eighth-Sixteenth Note Pattern


Rhythm Drills 14:

Mixed Review


Rhythm Drills 15:

Cut Time


Rhythm Drills 16:

Slow 6/8 time and 3/8 time


Rhythm Drills 17:

Sixteenth Note Patterns


Rhythm Drills 18:

Compound Meter